Inheritence Law

Inheritance Law is a fundamental right of the individual, to determine titles through dispositions by will or other attested rights.


The term inheritance also refers to the set of all legal norms dealing with the transition of the assets of a person to a new legal issue.


Because the issues encountering inheritance are sensitive matters in detail, we advise you individually and comprehensive in all areas of the law of succession.


These include drafts of course also be of interest with regard to orders, wills and inheritance contracts.


We advise and accompany you as well after the occurrence of a succession.


In detail, please contact us with a sound legal advice, as well as the need to exercise your legal interests in the following areas:


■ Design and construction of wills and Inheritance contracts.
■ Patient disposal
■ Rights and obligations of the heirs
■ Liability of heirs / Heritage Community
■ Enforcement of compulsory
■ Executorships, Estate Administration
■ Trace of heirs throughout Germany
■ Business Succession
■ Bequest, donation