Among the most important criteria when choosing a legal assistance is the design of fees. Our chamber provides the largest flexibility possible by offering a wide range of fee options:


– Compensation after Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)


If no individual fee agreement between client and lawyer is stipulated, the RVG determines the level and height of fees. Essentially, the height is indicated by three factors: the value in litigation, the nature of the procedure, and the level of processing.


A rule of thumb may apply here: the higher the value of the claim the higher the fees and the more extensive the processing the higher the attorneys’ fees. A special feature here is related to criminal trials and regulatory actions, whereas the RVG- determines so called “frame fees”. Furthermore, one has to distinguish among the fees according to Civil law, Administrative and Criminal law proceedings.


However, you can rest assured that we will give a detailed cost advice in advance of the adoption of a mandate. In means of transparency and to get an impression of the costs, please see the list of fees indicated on the left.


– Compensation according to individual Fee agreement


In addition to the agreement of RVG’s fees, it is also the possible to arrange an individual Fee agreement. This is likely in the context of extrajudicial and enforcement procedures.


The terms of such an arrangement is based on a rate of EUR 150 per hour. In minor cases or in cases of economic hardship a different flat rate agreement can be offered.


Besides, since July 1st 2008 the possibility of agreeing on a success fee occurs under specific conditions. Those are applicable if the client is facing failure of his claim because of economic reasons and depends on a special agreement for pursuing his rights.


– Legal aid


Gladly, we also take over mandates for which the basis of temporary or persistent economic plight of an application for legal aid to pursue their claims is needed. In such a case please contact our chamber to inquire about the conditions in detail.