European Law

For clients with European legal implications, we distinguish between European law in a broader sense, which is both the law of the European Union as well as the right-European international organizations, such as the Council of Europe and especially the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).


Often, human rights and rights of citizenship cause disputes before the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) in the framework of European structures in relation to authorities and courts.


Each Member State or any single person who claim to be victim of a violation of the Convention (member state or individual complaint), can directly address a complaint to the Tribunal in Strasbourg represented by a lawyer, with the assertion that one of his Convention rights guaranteed by a Member State has been infringed.


The individual appellant can even submit a complaint by himself, but legal representation is recommended and is even required during negotiations or after a decision that the complaint declared admissible.


The official languages of the Court are English and French, so you can address your questions to our chambers likewise.


Please contact us for legal advice, as well as in the need to exercise your legal interests with regard to:


■ Consulting /Inquiry of the Enforceability of rights
■ IMPLEMENTATION of proceedings before the CFI and ECJ
■ IMPLEMENTATION of proceedings before the ECtHR